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Kirsten K. Kester


16 Feb 2003  thru   2 Mar 2003

Coming from Thailand, Cambodia is definitely a huge change. Crossing the border at Aranya Prathet/Poipet was going from one world to another. Through the bus window Cambodia looked so poor. In Thailand everything is lush and green; the Cambodian rice fields are dried out, brown and dusty. The reason could be that Cambodia is still suffering from a scary high amount of uncleared landmines along the Thai border.

The roads also changed drastically, coming from wide well kept paved roads in Thailand, to very narrow dirt roads with a humongous numbers of pot-holes. Besides the roads you could see warning signs of not to pick anything up from the ground, incase itís a mine.

Despite of the poverty and the very sad history Cambodia have had for so many years, with French colonisation, Pol Pots Khmer Rouge, slaughtering 1-2 million people followed by Vietnamese interfering and civil war, Cambodian are very open, warm hearted and friendly people, always with a smile on their face.

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