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Cornerstone Music Festival


1 Aug 2003

tent in front of car, me and breakfast on trunk

Cornerstone Music Festival, Elon N. Carolina Aug03

My good friend Manny and I went to C-stone to relax after a long, rough week as camp volunteers. C-stone had hundreds of bands playing all types of music. Day and night there were concerts everywhere played on stages and under tents on over 100 acres of farmland. SOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!

manny, me

Wall Climb

Manny and I loved climbing the C-Stone wall over and over again. With practice it would only take us about 10 to 14 seconds to make the top.

manny climbing

Sponge Bob

it was nice to see sponge bob out and about!!


Here is a picture of my favorite band switchfoot. They rock!

Manny eating breakfast

The Chapters of Cornerstone Music Festival...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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