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Adventures in Milano


2 Oct 2009  thru   2 Oct 2009

Adventures in Milano, Italia

Going forward the Journal is just the adventure of our trip and the photos referenced can be found on, at the following URL.

Today we traversed the city using the Metro in Milano, made sure we had our plans made to catch our plane to Barcelona in the morning, and even took out some time to do some shopping. Oh ya, we goofed off too...see the photos.

Our first stop was to visit the Piazza del Duomo where the one of the largest gothic style cathedrals is located. If you have never been inside a gothic style cathedral you will be amazed at the photos from inside and outside of the Duomo. Construction began in 1386 and restorations continue today, you could say that his building is still breathing after 623-years.

Another amazing adventure at the Duomo was ascending 162- stairs to the lower roof (Andy counted), yes I said on the roof, where we walked among great spires, statues, and gargoyels carved from Italian marble. Never before have I seen such a site where you can walk the roof of such a Holy place looking across the city where it is the city center.

Then to our amazement, there were another 75-stairs that took you to the very top of the roof of this magnicant building. It was breathtaking, but provided the best views of the city.

The photos taken from inside and outside the Duomo are amazing, in fact one of them shows the sun shining through the staned glass on one of the massive columns holding up the building.

As we walked through the Piazza del Duomo we found the Bull mosaic on the floor of the ancient shopping mall where you twist your foot on the bulls balls and spin in a circle for good luck.

We took a walked over to the La Scala, which is one of the most famous Opera Houses in the world. We were able to walk up to a second level box and watch rehersals in progress for a show that begins tomorrow...we just missed it. No photos were allowed in the performance hall. We tried to get in to see the Last Supper at Saint Maria de Grazie, but we did not have a reservation, so we missed out on that, but no worries...we found other things to occupy our time...we went shopping and there are modeling photos to prove it.

My time is running short, so Tim, Shannon, Andy, and Roger say goodbye for now from Milano, Italia. Love you all.

The Chapters of Adventures in Milano...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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