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Wanderlust Obeyed!


19 May 1997  thru   24 May 1997

This is the gang!

First half of the trek to Little Jacks Creek

This is the gang! This was actually taken at the end of the trip, but I put it here at the beginning so you will know who went on this marvelous journey to the Owyhee wildlands. Introducing, left to right, Doug, DJ, Dennis, Heidi, Mark, Jeff, Carrie and Mountain Goat (David). All of these are Holbrooks except for David. David is a good friend of Jeff's and a real friend to have along on the trip.

Beginning the hike

Sorry for the "greenness" of these photos. The camera that took this one took a bath in the Creek on the way in to the canyon. All the pictures took on this green tinge. Apparently, wet film doesn't work too well.
Mostly wanted to show the rolling nature of the landscape. It's all lava flow with soil piled up in places by the wind. Then the creeks did their thing and cut great trenches down through the different layers of hardened lava, forming the deep canyons making up the Owyhee Canyonlands.

A quick rest along the trail before begining the descent into the canyon. Turns out, most of the canyon was full of brush and very hard to walk. We should have stayed at the top of the canyon until we got further towards the destination.
If you look real close, you will see right in the center of the photo, that Roc, Jeff's Black Lab, is panting in the shadows of the rock that David is sitting on.

Phew! What a climb to get this picture!

If you look real close at the bottom of the canyon, you can find the campsite. The white spot is the top of Dougs tent without the rainfly. The other tents are darker and much harder to see.
According to the "wrist computer" Casio watch that Mark was using, the campsite is a good 400 feet below this the edge of the canyon.

Jeff and David leading the way into the depths of the canyon. Winding around following the creek, hopping from rock to rock, David scouted ahead and then circled back to report what he found ahead. Lots of rock on each side, and no place to make a good camp. We did finally find a bend that widened out and had a little soil covering the rocky creek bottom on one side of the creek. It even had a few sagebrush bushes growing. We pitched tents here and collapsed for the rest of the day.

To right you can see the destination of this trip. The Great Zeno Falls Not too impressive looking here, but one could imagine two to three times that amount falling as the snow melted across the plain above and cascaded into the canyon right here

This is not Zeno falls, but it's one we found quite by accident. David and DJ and the black lab, Roc, were climbing over the top of a ridge and trying to go down the other side to cut off a long, arduous walk along the creek bed. Once over the top of the ridge, it was apparent that the creek did not go completely around the ridge as was first thought. There was another creek coming into Little Jacks creek, one that was unnamed on the map. Once down the other side, thinking it would slope down to the main creek they followed it to the top of this falls. By then the walls were so steep that the dog had to be lifted from ledge to ledge as they climbed over the top of the other side to fall down into the main creek. When coming back to the camp, the entire party veered off to find this falls and once we got there, we all thought it was so pretty, we called it Cindy Crawford falls. Cindy Crawford's name came up in a word association game we all played the night before at camp. 'Nuff said about that.

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