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Korean Language Class


1 Sep 2003  thru   17 Mar 2004


It was no easy task but I got a really good final test score!!! Learning the Korean Language 5 days a week, 6 to 7 hours a day was quite a challenge. Our teacher was the best teacher Korea has to offer and the whole class learned a ton.

our class

CPT B. was our Captain America always out to further educate us enlisted on the finer points of life and save us from any ignorancy that might be within us.

William Keith J. was quite a card and there are not enough words to describe this most interesting of characters. His first month with us found him attempting pullups in the barrack showers where he slipped off and procedded to break his arm and nose.

jonathan s. brought his new jersey attitude to the classroom and always had some major life questions to ask Cpt America who always had some type of answer ready to go!!

Toni. V. what a crazy gal from wisconsin. she was the best in our class at learning Korean and she was always the meanest and at the same time a very good cook making us breakfast all the time and lunch a few times during the course

our teacher was so good to us even though she always told us that we were her worst class ever

making kimbop

Traditional Dress

My teacher thought of toni as a daughter and was always dressing her up!!!

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