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22 Aug 2006


Ever have one of "those days"? I'm sure we all have. One of those days your boss pissed you off two to many times. You can't hit him, because that would land you in some holding tank till you figured out which lawyer to call. So, you just chuck it all and walk out, never to be heard of again. Thats kinda what we did. We had enough of the drive-bys and the illegals running through out mostly quite neighborhood at night. The house went on the market and within one month, sold. Yeah, our once nice, quite, neighborhood, where everyone knew everyone was becoming the next episode of "Cops". Okay, time to blow this popcicle stand. We bought a new diesle Dodge 4x4 to pull the new travel trailer we picked out. Little did we know that gas would hit $3.00 a gallon...

The Chapters of Travelin'...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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