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Patti Redd
Discover beauty, art and serenity in Bali


22 Aug 1999  thru   22 Aug 1999

Find a beautiful homestay or home in Ubud

Find a wonderful Balinese homebase for your visit

If you truly want to see the artistry of Bali, Ubud will give you everything – bustling marketplace, jewelry and craft shops, ceremonies, paintings, woodcraft, dances, gamelan music, night life, wonderful historical museums and beautiful temples.

Accommodations are simple to find in Ubud, as there are many losmens and hotels on just about every street. Prices are low; you can get a decent place for as low as $15US. It’s really not necessary to make advance reservations…there is almost always a place at the inn for you in Ubud!

If you want a most awesome home in the Bali countryside, you could e-mail Judy at to rent a beautiful home for only $35.00 a night - up to an entire month for only $550.00. Judy & Surya’s “house” is perched on the edge of a ravine overlooking a river and unending rice paddies…it’s a true paradise.

The Chapters of Discover beauty, art and serenity in Bali...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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