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Shannon, Tim, Andy, Roger - Dallas Guys
Trip Over


25 Sep 2009  thru   27 Sep 2009

Our Trip Over

There were no unexpected delays there were no issues with lost luggage but the trip over was a LONG one. We left DFW at 4:45 pm on a full American Airlines trip. Due to the capactiy we were not able to upgrade to Business Class so we were stuck back in coach - no big deal. So we strapped in, checked out the in flight entertainment and we were off. We watched movies, listened to music, enjoyed a gourmet (well, at least edible) dinner, and all of us slept except Roger.

After 8 hours we arrived at London Heathrow at 7:00 am and walked and walke and took a tram and then walked some more. Then we finally got to our terminal and waited and waited and waited to get through security. We weren't in any big hurry since our connection to Prague wasn't until 2:55 pm. So in a daze we freshened up (as best we could) and wandered around the huge terminal. We finally decided to find a place to hang out for a few hours and found a cafe where we played cards, had some munchies and enjoyed some English beers. A few hours later it was time for our plane to leave and were off to Prague on a 2 hour flight.

The flight to Prague was uneventful on British Airways. All of us slept at least part of the flight. As we landed in Prague there wasn't much to see from the plane, just lots of farm land. We got a tad nervous waiting for our luggage because it was some of the last to come down the belt. The driver we had arranged for was waiting for us and picked us up in a limo - not a bad start!

He drove us to our home for the next 3 days, an apartment on the 7th floor, just 2 blocks from the river. In a 2 person elevator we slowly ascended to the top to find a nice apartment with lots of room. It has a wall full of windows that open...except with no screen...and we're 8 floors up. We decided we wouldn't be opening those windows.

It was 7:30 pm Prague time and 12:30 pm Dallas time and none of us had slept all that much so we were exhausted. Tim and Andy went scouting for food. Shannon took a shower and Roger crashed. We all crashed soon after and got a good night's sleep, having finally arrived to start our adventure!

The Chapters of Trip Over...

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