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Florida Visit


1 Nov 2003

Bike ride

Florida USA

In November of 2003 I visited my Papa & Grammy, and my Aunt Marilou and Cousin Michael. It was soooo much fun. I wanted to stay. I went on long bike rides, saw very interesting wildlife, sang karaoke and so much more.

Bike Ride

My cousin loves to ride bikes and I have not rode a bike in many years!!! We rode for miles and miles!!! I was sooooo sore after it was all over. We took a break at an old middle of nowhere country store and had root beer floats.

aunt marilou, papa, me, grammy

Veterans Day

I was finally able to be with my grandparents and wear my military uniform for them. My papa served in WWII and I am very proud of him. We had a nice time together.


We went to a wildlife preserve. It was cool.

Do I make a good manatee?

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