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Uganda and the Gorillas


17 Oct 2004  thru   22 Oct 2004

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A last minute change in itinerary!

While we were in Nairobi we were planning our next stop before heading down to Victoria Falls. We narrowed it down to Malawi or Uganda to see the rare Mountain Gorillas and were waiting for an Internet Cafe to open at 11am to look into options. The cafe was late in opening [not a rare occurrence] so we chatted with a wonderful man from Uganda. It was after Isaac’s warm hospitality that the scales got tipped towards Uganda.

The Gorilla Permits are usually booked a year in advance. We were VERY LUCKY that our Kili Operator, Good Earth, referred us to Ether in Kampala who was able to secure us 2 permits for the following week [each costs 360USDollars!]. Sooooo off we were on a 13 hour bus ride from Nairobi to Kampala. Luckily, our ambassador, Isaac, met us and helped us find our accommodation at the Tourist Hotel!

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Kampala to Bwindi 19 Oct 2004  Uganda   1 Nov 2004
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