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Why Life Be So Hard?


10 Jan 2003  thru   23 Jan 2003

This Journal Describes How Hard Like Is In The Life Of CHAD!!!!!!

The Chapters of Why Life Be So Hard?...
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Parents (who invented them) STRESS 22 Mar 2003  U. S. A.   22 Mar 2003
A New Day 23 Jan 2003  U. S. A.   23 Mar 2003
Finally, A Getta Way. 6 Apr 2003  U. S. A.   6 Apr 2003
Im Back.... HAHAHA..... (cough, cough) 13 Apr 2003  U. S. A.   13 Apr 2003

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Chapters of Why Life Be So Hard?
  Parents (who invented them) STRESS
  A New Day
  Finally, A Getta Way.
  Im Back.... HAHAHA..... (cough, cough)


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