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Across Tibet's Wild West


No one on earth is as close to the heavens as the people of Tibet. Averaging between 4000m and 5000m above sea level, the Tibetan plateau is deserving of its title as ‘Roof of the World’. Mysterious in a way that few other places are, travel is tough but rewarded with unique scenery, people and culture of a gigantic and isolated land not yet tamed by man.

I came to know more about Tibet during my travels in India in 1993, supping on Tibetan noodle soup and ploughing through a photographic book of a land and culture completely foreign to me. Since that day I had dreamed of travelling to the enchanting land of Tibet. Four years later my dream was realised.

Renown for their religious piety and lengthy pilgrimages, André and I set out to learn more about these courageous and somewhat mystic individuals. A people most of us have come to know because of their exiled spiritual and political leader, the Dalai Lama.

The Chapters of Across Tibet's Wild West...
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The Journey  Tibet   10 Feb 2003
To Mt Kailash  Tibet   19 Oct 2001
To Lhasa  Tibet   19 Oct 2001

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Chapters of Across Tibet's Wild West
  The Journey
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