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Erin Jessome
The Journey begins


2 Jul 2006

Leaving Rainbow Lake

Truck Mileage 90443 km Today my life as a Gypsy begins. Dad and I look at each other and decide to pack up and go. It is 1:00 and we figure we got a lot of work to get done before we go, but why wait until tomorrow? First things first though. I better go for a quick run through the sprinkler with the neighbor kids. Jarret keeps telling me that “maybe if you find your bathing suit you could come and play in the sprinkler.” How can I resist? Off to the sprinkler I go so that by the time we are ready for take off I will be dried off. Okay now it is time to work. It is time to get the Gypsy mobile ready for its first adventure. A few minor problems and a few goodbye notes to leave and we are off. We pull the Gypsy mobile out of the Ghetto driveway and down the road we go. All in all the Gypsy Mobile does not pull too bad. I only pulled it the once with Curtis for practice and it was a less than pleasurable experience since he was sick and cranky and wanted to be at the Old Bar with his buddies. Maybe that is why it seemed so much worse then!! Anyway... As I drive out of Rainbow for the last as a resident I am sad, but I know I will be back. Rainbow Lake was good to us but it is time to close the door on that chapter of our life and start a new one. And a kick ass one at that. Down the road dad and I go and things are looking pretty good. I remember that Curtis said I may need to take the bug guards off the front of the truck if it is hot so when the fan kicks on and we are not even at A Pool corner we decide to pull them off. We pull over and fight the horseflies and mosquitoes to get the bug front unscrewed off the truck. Jamie Grace pulls over to say hi and see if we need help and we ask if he has any pliers for the last screw that is stuck. He pulls off the road and gets some out of his truck. As he hands the grease dripping pliers to me. I laugh as he says to me "Les might not like these." For those of you who know my dad and what a clean freak he is, you can just imagine the look on his face as these dripping pliers are handed to him. Peter Beres stops to help and after about ˝ hour of fighting with this last screw and all the horseflies we are on the road again. (Thanks for the help Peter and Jamie.). We get back into the truck and away we go. I look in the rearview mirror and I notice one of the jerry cans floating around. We laugh as we decide to pull over at O Pool corner (8 mile corner) to fix that. Before we get there something blue flies out of the truck. After careful scrutinizing we decide it is just Bernice’s water dish and we can pick up a new one way easier than pulling around to go find it on the highway. Sorry Husky clean up crew that will have to pick that up in the spring. We get that all fixed and hope we can make it past Imperial without having to stop again. We make it clear to High Level. Manning is the first stop for fuel. The Esso is looking pretty congested and we are a little chicken. We head up to the fast gas and the situation is looking way better. I pull in and thankfully they have those long suspended hoses. They are my new best friend. I love them. No problems still. We continue on. It is pretty late and we pull into Whitecourt for gas at the Husky on the bottom of the hill. As we pull in Dad says to me it looks narrow go wide. I pull in wide and say to him “not a problem.” We get out and look and apparently I spoke too soon. We are defiantly going to clip the corner when we pull out. We go in and get our treats and pay for the gas. As we head back to the truck I ask dad if he wants to drive. He looks at me with a “thanks a lot” grin and we both burst out laughing. I tell him I will fix what I have done and then he can drive. I gotta learn and next time I might be all alone. I get in and back the Gypsy Mobile up a little and then am able to pull out with out clipping the corner. FEWF!! I fixed it!!! It must be strength I draw from some greater source now that I am a gypsy. (Laugh) We get to Millet for the night and the first leg of my mew Gypsy life if complete. Still not a solo trip but I did it 3/4's by my self.

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