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Munich 2


28 Sep 2009  thru   30 Sep 2009

Munich 2

One thing about Prague (Prag) is that it states in the literature that they are 41% atheist, but there is a Church, Synagogue, or Mosque on every street. These buildings are very beautiful and hundreds if not thousands of years old with at least one from the 14th century.

It was interesting to find different how our speak patterns and comments change as we get more familiar with the language, the people, and the more we drink. Funny sayings are coming from each of us as our tongues loosen you after a few brews. We are working on a saying for the day to start off with and saying of the day to end with…the best of the best.

One of the guides for the pub crawl was from Jersey and I asked him how long he had been here, he stated for the summer but decided to stay a little longer. I said “so did you call your parents and tell them you’re not coming home”…he said “something like that”.

We have been in Europe starting on the fourth day and traveling six hours to Munich (Munchen), Germany on the train. From traveling previously in Switzerland, it is amazing to see the houses, farm lands, buildings, and rivers along the way. We are in a 1st class birth with two other people who do not speak English…we are unsure they were ready for us, but they are trapped now…LOL.

The people were by most part nice, so me were rude if you did not understand them first. During the pub crawl we stopped at a deli and especially one girl was not happy about all of us English people being there. The wait staff does not work only for tips as in the US, so they are not as attentive and present as in the US.

Just kicking back and relaxing on the train playing Hearts trying to pass the time while looking at the beautiful sites, countryside, and people watching.

Spent the past few days in Munich and will update information shortly.

My first time blogging so if it sounds like a I am rambling, its probably because I am.

The Chapters of Munich 2...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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