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Michaela sims
Help with a personal matter


6 Jun 2029  thru   6 Sep 2006

Help and adviced needed. A dear gypsy friend passed away this week and already I feel lost without her, I need advice on what I can do for those left behind, I know it is a rather large family, I just feel I could be doing more. The whole family accept me and welcomed me when I moved into this area and bascially Joannie took me under her wing, meeting her become apparant to me that I could not have wished for a better person to meet, when she became ill I was there daily and as much as I could, I have been asked by the family to attend the house for 24 hours before the funeral, although I will do as they wish I dont want to be in the way, I was even looking up some tradtional dishes that maybe I could bring that evening, any ideas on web sites :) I had a drink with a few locals on the evening that I found out and sat with a few that know I become close to her and we sat and drank and they told me really great stories about her of which bought many tears to my eyes, they even told me that a few years ago when someone died they used to burn there trailers,all of which was very interesting, I would be so so grateful to some advice. Thanks in advance. Please feel free to email me. :)


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