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Charlotte Morris
Arrival in Egypt


2 Jan 2026

This journal is so that my friends and family can share my experiences and journeys as I venture round Egypt on my quest to find all that Indiana Jones left behind! Please bare with me as it may take me a few weeks to get it all up and running. But I shall attempt to update as frequently as possible.

The Chapters of Arrival in Egypt...
Last Updated
First Impressions 2 Jan 2026  Egypt   1 Mar 2002
Fist Tour round Egypt  Egypt   1 Mar 2002
Finding my feet ( legs, arms and head) 2 Feb 2017  Egypt   1 Mar 2002
Work???!!! 2 Feb 2017  Egypt   1 Mar 2002
Second Month of Maddness 2 Feb 2028  Egypt   1 Mar 2002

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Chapters of Arrival in Egypt
  First Impressions
  Fist Tour round Egypt
  Finding my feet ( legs, arms and head)
  Second Month of Maddness


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