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My Own Private Kitemare


1 Sep 2000  thru   14 Oct 2001

Living in Sausalito, Ca and working for a dotcom was the means to my kiteboarding end in the fall of 2000. Riding my bike to work across the Golden Gate in 20 knot winds could have turned into a nitemare, if I hadn't taken my eyes off the kiters at Crissy Field. But this isn't about having bad dreams.

This is about my own private kitemare, while learning to kite on the Pennisula.

The Chapters of My Own Private Kitemare...
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Headfirst Down the Beach 15 Sep 2000  U. S. A.   14 Oct 2001
Wasted at Wadell 19 Oct 2000  U. S. A.   25 Oct 2001

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  Headfirst Down the Beach
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