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Himalaya Jains


26 Sep 2002  thru   9 Feb 2003


After a slight false start, we were rejeuvenated and ready to tackle India and really looking forward to experiencing the Shangrila atmosphere of the Nepal Himalayas...

'Himalayas' - Mountain range in South Asia bordering India, Tibet, Kashmir, Nepal, and Bhutan.

'Jains' - Adherents to the Jainism religion of India that teaches a path to spiritual purity and enlightenment through a disciplined mode of life founded upon the tradition of nonviolence to all living creatures. Strict adherents to this vegetarian sect believe that potatoes and onions have a soul!

However, our version of Himalaya Jains is essentially two vegans on the wagon heading into the mountains, and our non-violence to all living creatures definitely DOES NOT INCLUDE MOSQUITOES!! :)

The Chapters of Himalaya Jains...
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