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6 Jan 2005  thru   11 Jan 2005

San Francisco Sunset

California (San Francisco, Palo Alto)

After Christmas and a relaxing month in Alberta, I set out for the real journey. First stop: sunny California (which really wasn't very sunny but was warmer than the -20C in Alberta) to see my friend Rebecca. I got lots of rain in San Francisco, but also caught some beautiful sunsets.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

San Francisco

First time to San Francisco and (barely) saw the famous Golden Gate Bridge on a rainy afternoon.

Rebecca and Tamie

Palo Alto

It was great to catch up with my friend Rebecca in Palo Alto and tour a bit of San Francisco with her.

Jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Rebecca and I also visited the impressive Monterey Bay Aquarium, with some terrific jellyfish aquariums and a shark tank, including a Great White shark. Loved seeing the jellyfish here but was far less enthusiastic about seeing them later while scuba diving in Australia, where I was thrilled to see white-tipped reef sharks and even more thrilled to not see the great white shark while diving.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

The Chapters of California...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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