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Forests in Malaysia


26 Oct 2002

Forest Research Institute Malaysia

In our continuing efforts to learn more about the local environs, my colleagues and I visited FRIM on the weekend of October 26th.

FRIM is a 60 some-odd year old secondary growth rainforest.

The results of the re-forestation experiment are encouraging...

Flying Lemurs, binturong, wild pigs, pangolin, birds galore, civet, reptiles and amphibians have migrated back into the area..

We had a great day.. toured a trail, had lunch and walked in the canopy via their 150m suspension walkway.

Add the Gold Whiskered Barbet (Megalaima mystacophanos) - large and bulky green bird with a wide bill and the Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker (Dicaecum cruentatum)- a tiny bird with a bright red back to my growing list of birds seen in SE Asia.

I have included a few pictures.. among them.. a Bronze Cheeked Frog, a cool colony of beetles taken up residency underneath a large plate-sized bracket fungi, a nice sized water scorpion, and a nice close up of an ant dragging a hemipteran around.. I also caught a bunch of ants dragging the body of a gecko around.. and a really cool colony of stingless, biteless wasps bored into the side of a dipterocarp... good stuff..

Hope you enjoy!

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