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Catherine Leslie-Faye
Moving again...

Boxes and Friends

Saturday - 10 Feb 2007
Portland , Oregon - U. S. A.

The weekend Friday:

We meant to do well this weekend but life happens. Peregrine had brought the boxes home and he did get some of them packed before this weekend actually started. Ah but I had to work Friday and Saturday nights and I had two meetings with friends that had been arranged for this weekend. So while Peregrine packed boxes on friday I had to confirm via email most of the work to be done... Friday night had a change of plans... on the way to Nightwatch was reminded about the Newbies Revel in Beaverton. So we caught the bus out a bit late but we were both there in time to arrange a contact and rides to weekend events with a Lady who lives in Vancouver and carries watter at all the Stromguard Events. Needless to say neither me nor my girl friend expected such luck to fall in our laps... for the time it takes to set up and break down the camp at the events we will be picked up and driven to and from the events without being charged for gas... and knowing Peregrine he will be doing the cooking simply so that everyone gets fed regularly. So summer events look more likely now then they did last weekend. We got a ride part of the way back to Portland via another friend then I took the bus downtown and walked down 12th ave... I did stop in at Nightwatch after the Revel and found that Chris had not shown up as promised [sigh more on that later]. The staff seemed a bit worried about my coming in late when I got the coffee until I explained where I had been then they seemed relieved. I sat down after getting a cup of coffee and I told David Michael that I had been in Beaverton and he thought that was good. At the end of the evening I walked back home like usual so I had four miles of walking on friday and only two bags filled after I got home at 11:30pm. At midnight the bulb burned out in the closet so no more packing til morning...


Saturday was better but I had much to do. Laundry to wash and to pack so now I had two bags full and one box full. Then another meeting at 3pm with a walk in the rain to get there. I dearly love the staff at Portland Coffee House they put up with such crazy situations at times... luckily for Lilla and I this Saturday afternoon was quiet if crowded and Lilla's filk songs were appreciated by other customers earning us if not money at least free mochas. Last week it had been free hot chocolates... It was a two hour session that stretched to five but that was ok as we got much business accomplished that had to happen face to face. Meanwhile Peregrine got another four boxes filled and taped closed... Another walk in the rain but this time in the dark and Lilla took the 14 bus home after we figured out that the 15 was really running late. She got home just before 9 pm and I got home as 9:35 pm then off to Nightwatch for me. Again worried looks from Staff but at least this time I was in before 10 pm... got my coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich after reminding one fellow that I am allergic to peanut-butter and the Jam has way too much sugar for my body to take. Sat down with my coffee and found out that Chris was on an ego trip and had to win every discussion he was involved in oh and that he had blown off that friday night meeting. So I took care of the business I had with David Michael arranged to meet him on Thursdays and Saturdays at Nightwatch but that I'd be in Beaverton on Fridays from now on and then I left Nightwatch early... I walked a total of six miles on Saturday.


Sunday was more laundry and catching up on work online... Linda came over in the afternoon as had been arranged and she had both Peregrine and I counseling her so she got a two for one deal this time and an email addy for Sister Cathie. since then it has been work on the computer and arranging online for others to do research while I pack the rest of this week. I will pack a box in a bit, peregrine has gotten two more boxes packed today and he did a load of laundry too. What I wonder will the new week bring?

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