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You Better Belize It!

Beach and Scuba


Beach and Snorkel

This is the bar at the swimming place, called "the split" at the end of the island. It was created by the hurricane's which ripped the island in half. Also pictures of Nurse sharks that we swam with and some pretty fish from snorkel trip.

More Snorkel!

Conor with his pet stingray and the only good picture of me in snorkel gear.

San Ignacio and the Bus!

The left picture is of the cave we canoed through, the middle picture is one of the ride there, we had to drive through this creek, and I didn't know if our driver was going to make it. The right one is of our hotel, the "HI-et" our room is just the little part jutting out of the roof, it was kind of small actually.

The Bus was too small

The inside of the bus, and me flagging the bus down on the highway after visiting the zoo. The bottom picture is of the view from the Hi-et.

Tikal Ruins in Guatemala

Mayan ruins...

Belize City

A picture of boats docked at the marine terminal, me in Guatemala, and me helping to move the swing bridge.

Conor at the swing bridge

I wish I had used the flash, They really put Conor to work!

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