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Chak Leung

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Origin: China
Residence: Hong Kong
Born Cina. Lives H.K. 9 yrs Arizona US. BS.&BA., UofAZ. Exellent mandarin, cantonese and english. Now loves & understands nature and outdoor sports, specially MTB and mountain climbing. Science oriented and solitary. Late 20s.

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Karshgar to Lhasa in 3 months
22 Jul 2000  thru  25 Oct 2000
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30 Oct 2000
18-day truck ride YeCheng to Ali, worst rainly season in 20yrs. Slept in truck above 5000m, in blzaard last day of July. Great sunrise & sunset views at Purung. Lake Manasorova amd Mt. Kailash Kora, crossed minor lake and rivers & streams in waist deep

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