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Origin: Canada
Residence: Canada
Jen and I are both 20 something, fun loving individuals that live and work in the booming metropolis of Toronto. Jen is a human resources expert and I do marketing for packaged goods. We both love to travel.

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Getting Ready
4 Sep 2002  thru  31 Dec 2002
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4 Sep 2002
It is hard to believe that we are less than 30 hours away from starting the biggest adventure of our lives. Jen and I started planning this 4 month trip to SouthEast Asia and Australia about 1 year ago, just after we got engaged. At first we talked
Punting & sloany searching in London
5 Sep 2002  thru  8 Sep 2002
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17 Sep 2002
Our fist stop on our journey was London. We had originally hoped to fly directly to Southeast Asia, but apparently all flights from Toronto require a stop in Europe or California. We chose London, since Jen had not been there since she was 12 and Dan
Selamat pagi to Malaysia
8 Sep 2002  thru  15 Sep 2002
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25 Sep 2002
Selamat Pagi to Malaysia. Welcome to Malaysia. We arrived in Kuala Lampur on Monday morning after a 12 hour plane ride. Considering the length of the journey, the flight on Malaysian Airlines was pretty good. Each passenger had their own TV that
Adventures in Thailand
15 Sep 2002  thru  12 Oct 2002
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2 Nov 2002
When we developed our itinerary for this trip, we knew that we really wanted to see Thailand. We were told from both friends and family about how beautiful and amazing parts of Thailand were, and we wanted to ensure that we got to see as much of it as
The World of Cambodia
12 Oct 2002  thru  19 Oct 2002
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3 Nov 2002
Cambodia was only a short stop on our South East Asia journey but an important one, since we were going to see the famous Angkor Wat temples. We knew that Cambodia was less developed than Thailand, but nothing had prepared us for what we actually
Editor's Choice Good Morning Vietnam
19 Oct 2002  thru  4 Nov 2002
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Last Updated
14 Nov 2002
We had initially only planned to spend 1 week in Vietnam, but after talking to other backpackers, we decided to extend our stay to 2 weeks. In hindsight it turned out to be a good decision. We made a mad dash from the Mekong Delta in the south all the
Return to Malaysia; Visit to Singapore
4 Nov 2002  thru  12 Nov 2002
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1 Dec 2002
Our final week in SouthEast Asia was intentionally planned as a return to Malaysia and a brief visit to Singapore. We anticipated that we would need a return to more comfortable and familiar surroundings after having done the more adventureous
Editor's Choice Roadtrip Through Oz
13 Nov 2002  thru  13 Dec 2002
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Last Updated
19 Dec 2002
Truthfully, most of the planning for this honeymoon trip went into the SouthEast Asia portion with little thought spent on Austalia. We had reasoned to ourselves that Australia would be just like travelling at home, and therefore it would be easy to

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