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Origin: U. S. A.
Residence: U. S. A.
I was born in 1957, married forever, 2 teenaged sons. FL native, but we have a 2nd home in NC and a summer timeshare on Cocoa Beach, FL. I work for a travel agency and take a lot of cruises. I love to camp and have a tent and a popup.

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1 Aug 2003
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8 Sep 2003
Florida is the sunshine state, but in the winter, we get a few weeks of really chilly weather. Because of the humidity, a freeze in Florida can be really uncomfortable. Orange trees are ripe for picking, and it's really great weather to snuggle up next
Family and Life
7 Aug 2003
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17 Aug 2003
I was a housewife for the last 18 years, then I took on two parttime jobs. One job is seasonal, and I take high school groups on cruises throughout the spring. The other job is working at my friend's travel agency. Lots of cruises!!

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