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Callan Bentley

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Origin: U. S. A.
Residence: U. S. A.
I'm a graduate student in Washington, DC studying structural geology and tectonics.

Here are my different Journals...
25 Jun 2001  thru  30 Jul 2001
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14 Jan 2003
In June and July 2001, I went to the Philippines to visit my friend Noah and revisit "The Peace Corps Experience." While I served in Peace Corps Mongolia, about as different an Asian country as possible from the Philippines, there were many similarities
1 Jan 2003  thru  2 Jan 2003
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14 Jan 2003
I went to Ireland in December 2002 to catch up with my friend Kenny Peavy. We hung out in Dublin for several days with Kenny's wife Geetha and his mom Shirley. Then they departed, and I set off to see a bit of Ireland.

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