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Steve Holcroft

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Origin: Great Britain-England
Residence: Great Britain-England
Better to live for one day as a Tiger than for a thousand years as a lamb.

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Editor's Choice Steve, Lea, Brett + Beaulea's World Tour
5 May 2002  thru  1 Apr 2003
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8 Aug 2003
In June '02 myself, Lea, Brett and Beaulea set out on our journey around the world. Europe was first, followed by Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It took 12 months of hard work to plan - now we just had to enjoy...
Us, The World, and 3 Burnt Rucksacks
1 Apr 2003
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Last Updated
17 May 2003
Don't let anybody tell you they know it all about travelling the world - because they don't. Some know more than others, sure, but the whole reason (I believe), that we bother to do it, is to find out for ourselves. And, of course, nobody has been

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