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Joe and Anne Cooper

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Origin: Canada
Residence: U. S. A.
Going from working hard to hardly working. On the road of life these two have decided to listen to the preverbial 'turn off here' and get back to nature in the mountains of Nepal and the waters of Australia.

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Pre Trip Preparation
9 Nov 2007  thru  13 Nov 2007
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4 Jan 2008
5 trips to EMS; 2 trips to Campmoor; 2 trips to Paragon; Knowing that we won't freeze our buns off at Everest Base Camp - priceless! We prepared for this 4 month adventure in about 2 weeks. We focussed on what we needed for Nepal and figured it
14 Nov 2007  thru  22 Dec 2007
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21 Jan 2008
We were awed by the majestic beauty of the Himalayas, pleasantly surprised by the comforts of Pokhara and disappointed by the pollution (and garbage strike) in Kathmandu. But most of all we are extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to come to
23 Dec 2007  thru  24 Feb 2008
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11 Jun 2008
After 45 days in Nepal, we arrived in Australia in search of all the creature comforts of home and were not at all disappointed. We fete'ed Christmas with Anne's brother, Neil and his wife Robin and our godson Callum. Seeing Callum's eyes light up on

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