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Matthew Cicsfore

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Origin: U. S. A.
Residence: U. S. A.
Hi, I'm 19 years old, I spend my time travelling broke and living off my own abilities...I'm following my roots, I am a Gypsy and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Here are my different Journals...
50 States of Mind
24 Jan 2004
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2 Feb 2004
I just got back from a broke-as-hell, poorly planned excursion to the West Coast. I had to Spange for cash, eat out of a dumpster (only once), sleep out doors, live in a van AND work odd construction jobs for minimum wage, just to survive...It was
Ich Wandere
13 Jul 2002
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27 Jan 2004
I started my travels the easy way, a well funded, organized trip to Germany, complete with Hotels, meals and an itinerary...We all have to get our feet wet somehow. This was the trip that showed me two things; That I wanted to travel, and that I didn't

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