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Origin: U. S. A.
Residence: U. S. A.
Gary and Sarah are on the adventure of a lifetime!! Abandoning reality and abdicating responsibility, they are strapping packs on their backs and heading to the exotic lands of Southeast Asia and South America...

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Southeast Asia, here we come!
6 Jan 2002  thru  28 Feb 2002
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9 Mar 2002
OK, all of the bantering and dares have become reality...the tickets arrived!! Now comes the chaos of actually planning, shopping, quitting jobs, and hitting the road...
¡Hola South America!
6 Mar 2002  thru  28 Apr 2002
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21 May 2002
We survived Southeast Asia, flew home for five days, and are now tromping through South America, in search of new adventures and more escape from reality! Translation en espanol: ¡Sobrevivimos Asia del sudeste, volamos hogar por cinco días, y somos

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