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Robert Beal

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Origin: U. S. A.
Residence: U. S. A.
I was, until his death on the Fourth of July 2002, for 17 years a friend and hiking partner to Lee Mercer ( with whom I shared, in his words, "a burning passion for remote wilderness that evolved over many years between two people."

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Eastern Washakie Wilderness (Wyoming)
10 Sep 2003  thru  24 Sep 2003
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31 Dec 2003
Dear Harriet and Edgar, here, with love, are photographs of our farewell to your son in keeping with his wishes to rest, with his most loyal dog Maggie, in the wilderness he most loved (and wrote about in "Hiking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness
El Jardin of Good and Tired
26 Jan 1994  thru  10 Feb 1994
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9 Dec 2004
Almost as an afterthought, I dipped into the cargo box of backcountry maps, grabbed the Big Bend bag, and threw it in the luggage for our Thanksgiving 2004 visit to "Villa Acosta" in Terlingua, Texas—the family home of my wife Iselda. Our first stop
Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
21 Jun 2013  thru  5 Jul 2013
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7 Jul 2013
After a 3-day backpack in The Enchantments with two friends, I did a 10-day solo in another part of the southeastern area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The ALW comprises a series of mountain ranges on both sides of the Cascade divide. This story

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