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Melissa Davenport

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Origin: New Zealand
Residence: England
24year old seeker. Been in England for 2 1/2 years. Working as a nanny in and out of London. Short detour on the way , September in Ecuador - Macuipucuna - volunteering for an ecological project.

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5 Aug 2005
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22 Aug 2005
I am going to have a go at this blogging business. I will try and keep a record of how i am feeling about leaving the Mac Kay's, Jess, Neil, Dickie and Lou and to a lesser extent England.
29 Aug 2005
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29 Sep 2005
My last day with Richard and Louise. Sun is shinning (cue bob marley) its a lovely day. Not much on the adgenda, more washing, cashing the change and one more visit to Phils. The weekend was large. Much happened and i got myself into situations i havent

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