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Origin: U. S. A.
A wolf of sorts. Enjoy Mountains, good beer and good conversation. Have a weakness for good stories, hot springs, ground breaking inovation and adventure.

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Stalking John Muir's route with a Headlamp
2 Oct 1999  thru  4 Oct 1999
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2 Aug 2002
There are a handful of gypsies that roam the peaks of the Pacific Northwest. I happend to live amoungst many of them in the state of Idaho. This sort of mtn gypsy will often call on one another at the last minute to take off for some torterously fun
My Carving Conundrum
20 Nov 2001
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19 Nov 2004
Climbing skins and a day in the backcountry can get you 5000 vertical feet of skiing in a day, and that is by no means conservative. Add a couple Polaris RMK 700 and you may well be branded 'New School' after harvesting 20,000 vertical feet of fresh in a

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