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Origin: Canada
Residence: Canada
Newlywed nomads wandering the earth in search of adventure...

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Istanbul to Cairo Overland
13 May 2002  thru  18 Jul 2002
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30 Jul 2004
A honeymoon in the Middle East is not everyone's idea of a picnic, especially these days. But, for the two of us, it has been a magical experience of an extremely foreign culture. We managed to pick up a dozen words in Turkish and Arabic, realized
Africa Wild
18 Jul 2002  thru  25 Sep 2002
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1 Jun 2003
The adventure continues with a short flight to Ethiopia from Cairo and an overland journey that takes us south of the equator....
Himalaya Jains
26 Sep 2002  thru  9 Feb 2003
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10 Jul 2003
After a slight false start, we were rejeuvenated and ready to tackle India and really looking forward to experiencing the Shangrila atmosphere of the Nepal Himalayas... 'Himalayas' - Mountain range in South Asia bordering India, Tibet, Kashmir,
Off The Rails In Southeast Asia
9 Feb 2003
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10 Jul 2003
After landing in Bangkok relatively fit, Southeast Asia (for us) was a region of decadent indulgences into beer, beach, blockbusters, and banana shakes...ahhh back to our old selves ;)

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