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Penny Rance

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Origin: British Isles
Residence: British Isles
Hiya, I'm a girly from South East England, new to the adventures of travelling, but loving it and hoping to be off somewhere new soon.

Here are my different Journals...
Namibia Elephant Trek
2 Nov 2003  thru  11 Nov 2003
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27 Sep 2004
My adventurer really started about 9 months before in March due to boredom and the internet at work! I had visited the Capital Radio website to look at something totally different when I came across details of the 2004 Namibian Elephant Trek. All I had
Ecuador - The Amazon Rainforest
29 Sep 2004  thru  10 Nov 2004
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11 Nov 2004
Having spent 10 days in Namibia I had caught the travel bug! Looking on the internet I came across a website for GVI - Global Vision International, ( who organise volunteer projects all over the world. Having looked at all the projects
New York
19 Oct 2005  thru  26 Oct 2005
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23 Nov 2005
After the adventures in the desert and the rainforest, I though it was time for a different style of challenge. 3 girls, 6 days, 1 city and 100's of shops! Was New York ready for us? Its hard to say....
Lossiemouth - Scotland
4 Oct 2006  thru  16 Oct 2006
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10 Dec 2006
Its a bit much when you've seen more of the world than your own country, so we decided to head off to Scotland. We were to stay in Lossiemouth a small town on the edge of the Moray Firth (sort of close to Inverness). Most people on hearing this asked
Barcelona - Spain
15 Feb 2008  thru  18 Feb 2008
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20 Jan 2009
With two days to spare till a long weekend off work, we still hadn't decided what to do. England was depressing, cold, damp and cloudy and we needed some sunshine. A chance comment of 'Somewhere warm please' and 20 minutes on and we were
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23 Feb 2011
For more tales of my travels including, Paris, Cornwall and Egypt visit

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