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I'm a school teacher, writer, mountain biker, naturalist, poet, and a few other things I can't remember right now. But I've been called worse.

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Swampin' it in Malaysia- Tasek Bera
2 Nov 2001  thru  5 Nov 2001
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13 Sep 2002
I grew up in a trailer in (then)good ole rural United States. I've been to the Okeefenokee, "land of the trembling earth", a few times. Now I live and teach in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I went and hung out with the Orang Asli Semelai, a tribe of
Editor's Choice Reefs to Rainforests
27 Jun 2002
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17 Nov 2002
marine organisms and corals thrived in a warm shallow sea that had yet to be named by human imagination. As sure as time, sand and mud gave way to the slow and steady erosional forces of wind and water. Eventually the sand drifted to rest on top
Forests in Malaysia
26 Oct 2002
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15 Nov 2002
In our continuing efforts to learn more about the local environs, my colleagues and I visited FRIM on the weekend of October 26th. FRIM is a 60 some-odd year old secondary growth rainforest. The results of the re-forestation experiment are
1 Apr 2002
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27 Mar 2005
Photo Credits: Callan Bentley and Matt Salleh Perhaps no other place in Malaysia has as much history as the ancient port town of Melaka. Inhabited by Chinese, Siamese, Portuguese, Indian, British and Dutch throughout its history, Melaka was
31 Dec 2003
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4 Apr 2005
New Years Eve and we were in Borneo! A destination perhaps shrouded in more mystique than any other place on Earth. Home to the endangered Orang Utan, at one time believed to be another living human of a different species; territory of the fabled

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