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Origin: Thailand
Residence: Thailand
I am going to be 25 years old on March 27, 2004. Thai people believe that turning 25 is a bad luck, so let's see what I will face or what I will do to avoid or prevent bad things coming into my life...

Here are my different Journals...
Why is 25 years old bad luck?

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21 Nov 2004
'Benchaped' is a Thai word meaning 25 years old. Since some hundred years ago, Thai people have believed that whoever turning 25 years old will be in bad luck. But why is that, and why it has to be 25? This belief; however, cannot be proved
My Trips

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2 Oct 2004
I like travelling...yes I do! :) I've been making trips here and there either alone or with family/friends and the more I travel, the more I realize that the world has so much to offer. I hope this page motivates your next trip... new experience is

Happy Trails to You

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